We welcome new individual and organizational members. To learn more about what’s involved in membership, please read the IL-CHEP Membership statement, taken from our by-laws.

If you decide that membership is right for you, please visit our membership donation page hosted by Adler and select the “Illinois Coalition for Higher Education in Prison (IL-CHEP)” option. We ask individuals to donate $25 and groups to donate $100, or what you can afford.

IL-CHEP Membership Includes networking and guidance with other member organizations, support, advocacy, funding strategy and partnership, representation in meetings with the Illinois Department of Correction (IDOC), educational events, policy development, and state-level legislative advocacy.

Become a Member

IL-CHEP is a project of the Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice at Adler University. This project brings together multiple stakeholders across the state of IL to provide quality higher education opportunities for people who are incarcerated.

Thank You

IL-CHEP member individuals
  • Jennifer Alexander
  • Tim Barnett
  • Larry Barrett
  • Katrina Burlet
  • Eric Brown
  • Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom
  • DJ Crosby
  • Helen Damon-Moore
  • Michelle Dennis
  • Jill Dunlap
  • Fionna Ek
  • Marsheda Ewulomi
  • Walter Feinberg
  • Jacquelyn Frank
  • Rebecca Ginsburg
  • Kirsten Ginzky
  • Haley Greep
  • Rodney Hopson
  • Ashton Hoselton
  • Jia Johnson
  • Lejia Johnson
  • Alice Kim
  • Kira Kyle

  • Lindsey LaPointe
  • Lynn Langdon
  • Sophia Manuel
  • Tracye Matthews
  • John McLees
  • Erica Meiners
  • Logan Middleton
  • Kimberly Moe
  • Melissa Pavlik
  • Lance Pittman
  • Emily Powers
  • Vickie Reddy
  • Ellen Ritter
  • Christina Rivers
  • Sarah Ross
  • Chez Rumpf
  • Dave Sharpe
  • Laura Stempel
  • Shari Stone-Mediatore
  • Sharon Varallo
  • Magic Wade
  • Barbara Wilson
  • Mary Yeboah
  • Deshanta Young