one. There are alternatives depending on when someone was originally authorized. It is defined in Regulations 18 VAC 90 -30-105 for NPs and there are additional standards requirements for NPs, which are located in 18 VAC 90-40-55. You can access it from our website and then go to the Board of Nursing. g. In the event that a physician working as a nurse dies, is disabled, withdraws from active practice, relinquishes or is suspended or revoked by the board of directors or moves his or her practice so that he or she can no longer serve and a nurse is unable to enter into a new practice agreement with another physician on the care team. The nurse may continue to practice after being communicated to the representative of the rooms and after receiving this notification. Such a nurse may continue to treat patients without care for an initial period of no more than 60 days, provided that the nurse continues to prescribe only drugs previously authorized by the practice agreement with that physician and to have access to appropriate contributions from appropriate health care providers in complex clinical cases and patient distress cases, as well as at appointments. The prior or his substitute in the rooms gives the nurse permission to continue the practice after this subsection for an additional 60 days, provided that the nurse provides evidence of the efforts made to ensure the safety of another physician in the patient care team and to have access to the physician`s installation. I.

A nurse who is not licensed by the medical chambers may, in the category of board-certified midwife or nurse, hold a certificate from the nursing team, without a written or electronic practice agreement after being received by the nursing physician. , (i) stipulates that the nursing physician-team served in a patient care team with the nurse, in accordance with a practice agreement consistent with the requirements of this section and p. 54.1-2957.01; (ii) that the physician in the patient care team, while he is a party, practices regularly with a patient population and in an exercise area that falls within the category for which the nurse has been certified and certified; and (iii) the period for which the patient care team physician practiced as part of such a practice agreement with the nurse.