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Oct 6- Nov. 17, 2021

Education Across the Prison Walls: A Call for Reflection and Action. 

This series of virtual panel discussions features educators, students, and organizers committed to expanding the reach of liberatory education in prisons and in our communities. Panelists will engage questions such as: What is the purpose of higher education in prison? What does education mean for individuals, communities, and society overall? What unique challenges and opportunities do students and educators face in engaging this work? What principles should guide our work? What strategies can we develop when our principles are challenged?

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JUNE 11, 2020

IL-CHEP Statement on State-Sanctioned Violence and White Supremacy

March, 2020

As of March 2020, all prison higher education programs in the state have suspended programming in response to the CoronaVirus. We are uncertain when programs will resume. We will post updates on this website.

What can you do to support incarcerated students, prison education programs, and all who work and live in prisons at this time?

**Keep up with our response to the threat that COVID19 poses to individuals in prisons and jails through the Freedom to Learn IL blog.