Low-income youth have fewer friends and family who can guide them in the higher-paying trades movement. And the teachers of the first teaching schools agree. Bridget Hitchings, Assistant Head Teacher at Holly Lodge School in Liverpool, said: “We know that lack of self-confidence and lack of self-confidence can hold our daughters back, so we invite as many ambitious people to school as possible to tell their stories and talk about their careers. That`s why our partnership with Deloitte is so important. Our daughters have benefited from cv-writing workshops and career tutoring. Deloitte also helps access continuing education and higher education by holding Mock interviews with volunteers from higher education graduates to help our students achieve higher seeds. The partnership between Deloitte and Teach First was recently nominated for a Better Society award and the Business Charity Awards. Help teachers in their first steps in leadership. Our NPQ at Middle Leadership offers 1-1 advice and flexible training for those who want to take responsibility for a team. For example, a technical director, a central stage manager or a department head. By working together, we can make lasting changes for the next generation. We can train more teachers and support more schools to harness the potential for all children. Teach First is a charitable organization committed to a fair education for every child.

We do this by transforming education with great teachers and leaders. We are England`s largest recruiter for graduates and we include Teacher First teachers in schools in disadvantaged communities. We work with schools to provide dedicated teachers, to help their teachers grow as leaders, and to bring the expertise of our funders and alumni as a strong network of talented people committed to change in schools. The move to the head can be discouraging. All of a sudden, you are responsible for every class, department and everyone at school. Just as the early years of teaching may seem overwhelming, even your first steps as a head. By 2022, about one in four school courses could be affected by a shortage of headteachers. We must now reverse this trend. Our NPQ headship does this by preparing those who think to rise into the scary but rewarding position and support those who already have. Deloitte and Teach First work together to make education fair to all and to make a significant impact for students and teachers across the country.

By sharing your experience and providing insight into your sector, you can help our teachers grow as leaders, while having a direct influence on their students` education.