As has already been reported, former WCW world heavyweight champion Sting has signed a contract with AEW. In a press release to Wrestling Inc. and other media outlets, the company confirmed that it had signed a full-time multi-year contract. 2, while TNA got the only rights to use the NWA World Heavyweight Championship through an agreement with the NWA. Am I asking for the moon? Is that really impossible? That you and I could soon come to some kind of arrangement? I don`t wonder about the moonI`ve never been realisticIf nothing really is moreFor a simple moveFor a roof over our headsA hot house to come backnnous could start with separate beds I could sleep alone or learn, I`m not suggesting that we don`t propose how many times the answer now probably never is, but we could come to an arrangement a practical disposition and you could learn I don`t promise the moonI don`t doesn`t promise a rainbowFor a lonely lifeI`ll be a father with your boyA shoulder you could supportHow could it be bad to be my wife? With a roof over your headA hot house to get back to youIt wouldn`t need to cook for meYou wouldn`t need to learn that I`m not suggesting that this proposal could last forever I don`t intend to fool you, you`re too smartYou could come to an arrangement A practical arrangement and maybe you`ll learn to love the present moment It may not be the romance you had in mind Love me Time given The editor is not clear at that time, why exactly the fighters of retirees and the company decided not to renew their contract, but it specifies that those who had terminated them and they did not sign a new. You could do it later, but Meltzer doesn`t give any information here either. After a game against Terry Taylor in mid-1987, Gilbert mingled with Taylor`s name and cost Sting the game. Taylor and Gilbert teamed up on Sting until the gentleman came to Sting`s aid.