Partial Compensation This field indicates the type of contract SAP must use when a discount agreement is to be partially counted. When you run the partial counting process, SAP uses this type of proof to create a credit requirement for the partial offset value. Have you activated the new discount procedure? Structure S136 in omo1? In other words, in the final settlement, the provisions are completely cancelled. Audit Levels This field controls the detail to be displayed in the report when you review discount bills for a discount contract. You can, for example. B display each document separately or display sums of money using pool criteria such as sales participants, payers, materials, etc. Note: The type of “R3” sales device is identical to “CR,” with the exception of the corresponding type of billing “B3” (partial compensation). Thus, we can establish partial counts until the total amount of the rebate is paid to the customer. I would like to know how I can insert a manual demarcation into a discount agreement 2E My question is how I established the accounting evidence for the delimitation created by manully. The discount feature requires some types of special prices. The basic concept and settings are similar to standard pricing using packaging techniques. You must add the discount-related price conditions to your pricing process. These conditions are invoked during pricing only in billing statements.

To define these parameters, the IMG – Sale and Distribution – Billing – Discount Processing – Discount Packaging Technique is now discussed on the most important points to mention in discount configurations. If you create a manual demarcation, the credit in VA02 indicates that this is only a reduction condition and the value of the coin 0.00 1. Discounts are available in SD, so you need to update the value of the discount and also adjust the value on the FI page. Customer discount: It allows condition rates only on the basis of debitor and uses a percentage calculation. When the customer was created, we specified the type of discount agreement. To do this, we need to define the type of contract with the required functionality.