There are three main reasons for counter-trade: (1) Counter-negotiation offers an alternative trade finance to countries facing international debt and liquidity problems; (2) Trade relations can enable LDCs and NMCs to access new markets, and (3) counter-trade is a good part of the resurgence of bilateral trade agreements between governments. The benefits of counter-trade focus on three themes: market access, currencies and pricing. Countertrade offers several advantages. It moves inventory for a buyer and seller. The seller also enjoys other benefits. In addition to the tax benefit, the seller is able to sell the product at full price and can convert the inventory into an account. The solvent buyer, who lacks strong currency, is able to use any cash received for other operational purposes. There are different types of counterparties, including barter, counter-purchase, clearing trading, switch-trading, offsets and clearing agreements. “The authors worked hard to update their books and wanted to incorporate perspectives and examples from a large number of countries.

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