Loyola also offers exchange programs that allow students to maintain their Loyola registration status while studying abroad. This course work is transferred to Loyola. Please send an email transfer@ubalt.edu with questions regarding a particular program. CCBC is the largest provider of university education and manpower in greater Baltimore and offers diplomas, certificates, transfer options, job training and life enrichment in a variety of disciplines. Ub invests in Pell Grant eligible transfer and military/veteran students by providing financial assistance for tuition and tuition while doing your bachelor`s degree. Please click below for full details and copies of the agreements. We have listed each program-to-program articulation agreement between RMU and CCBC. These agreements are academic partnerships between the CCBC and the RMU and offer you the opportunity to advance your academic career by transferring more courses, completing the course work earlier and having more options. Use these recommended means to transfer your credits to UB smoothly. ARTSYS is a computerized data information system that was designed to facilitate the transfer of students from Maryland`s public colleges from speeches to Maryland university system schools and other participating institutions. The RMU transfer office is very much looking forward to seeing your transfer options.

We will pass their transcripts and provide you with a notice, are here to help you in an easy transition to RMU. Please contact Tracey Englert at englertt@rmu.edu. Transfer using the Associate of Science in Engineering (ASE) Program: The State of Maryland has developed a program to facilitate the transfer process in computer science and electrical engineering programs at Loyola Maryland University. A student who is studying for two years and receives a state-recognized associate of engineering science (A.S.E.) from a Maryland community college can move on to Loyola`s engineering program. Engineering programs that are followed as part of the Degree Association are accepted as a block by the University of Loyola Maryland. Loyola also has a wide range of “core” requirements for the liberal arts, which have been specifically designed to meet the university`s learning goals. These requirements are generally more extensive than the general education requirements at other higher education institutions and the transfer of non-engineering courses taken during the associated degree is assessed on a case-by-case basis. The University of Baltimore has a large number of transfer agreements with Maryland colleges to ensure the lean transfer of your community college credits. These agreements accelerate your academic career by transferring more courses, completing course work earlier and having more options. In addition, students at a Maryland community college can transfer up to 63 hours of valid semi-annual credits.

Maryland Community College students, A.A. Parallel Arts Associates or Science Associates (A.S.) Graduate tracking (for example.B. A.A. in history to a B.S. in History), you will be able to transfer credits seamlessly. The following transfer guides focus mainly on the degree of applied science (A.A.S.), as this type of diploma is not traditionally passed on smoothly. CatonsvilleMs CCBC Transfer Coordinators. Judith MotonTransfer Coordinator800 S. Rolling RoadCatonsville, MD 21228Phone: 443-840-4714E-Mail: jmoton@ccbcmd.eduCCBC DundalkMs.