Most employers will develop job descriptions to formalize their expectations of workers` work effort in certain roles. Job offers are a form of job description used to promote vacancies for potential candidates. Resist the urge to react on the ground. Give yourself time to manage the change without saying anything that you might regret later. Don`t be afraid to ask for time calmly and maturely, even if your boss insists that he react immediately. During your career in a company, you will find that your work and responsibilities change over time. But can your employer change your job description without consulting you beforehand? An employment contract is a legal agreement between an employee and his employer. There are rules regarding changes to the terms of the contract. Here, we explain how an employer can change an employee`s contract without their consent. Roles are constantly changing, but what does it mean if your employer wants to radically change your job description? Some contracts contain a written clause that appears to allow the employer to make unilateral changes (i.e.

without your consent). For example, there could be some kind of “change in these contractual terms to reflect the changing needs of the business.” Embrace change and start. If there are aspects of the new job description that require an extension of your skills, start learning. If there are aspects that require meeting new people, start with networking. Whether this new job description is something you consider long or experimental, open and ready to try shows a positive attitude. “the title of the activity for which the worker is employed or a brief description of the work for which he or she is employed” (section 10(f) Employment Rights Act 1996). Beyond these legal considerations, best practices in human resource management suggest that employers should obtain workers` agreement before making major changes to work roles and that they reissue job descriptions to clarify the new role. However, if your employer`s change to your description significantly changes your normal duties, read our article on What Happens If You`re Hired for a Job and the job changes? In general, morality and productivity are improved when workers approve their new description. It is important to get staff support for organizational changes.

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