This is one of the RERA forms that must be signed when the buyer appoints an agent to find a property. It is highly recommended to work with a QUALIFIed REAL estate agent certified by RERA, who can show you real estate that meets your needs and budget. A list of professional real estate agents in Dubai can be find on the Bayut real estate website. The Dubai Country Department`s Form F outlines everything from real estate and financial details to commission to sellers and buyers` agents. However, it is important to note that RERA Formblatt F is only a valid contract after being signed by the seller and buyer and dated and dated by the agent. This is one of the mandatory RERA forms in Dubai for any real estate transaction that must be carried out. When a property is put up for sale, the broker must receive all the information from the seller, and if the property is in two or more names, all owners must sign the listing contract. The regulatory department of the Dubai Department of Land, Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) is a public authority that trains, regulates and authorizes the real estate sector in Dubai. If you are a beginner or homebuyer for the first time in Dubai, these are the RERA forms that you should know: If two agents work together, Form I must be completed by both RERA certified agents. The purpose of this form is to protect listings of agents, brokerage clients and ensure a professional relationship between two qualified RERA real estate agents.

It is very advisable and important to recruit a qualified agent, as he/she will be able to find the right property based on your needs and financial status. You will find rera real estate agents in Dubai on their official website. The professional agent only works for the buyer. In this case, a buyer`s representative fills out Form B and the buyer (s) signs the contract. Take a look below at some of the most common forms in the Dubai country department that use buyers, sellers and agents in real estate transactions in Dubai. This is one of Dubai`s RERA forms that will go around the agreement between the seller and the listing agent. RERA Form A contains all accommodation details, including financial details such as service charges, mortgage status and payment plans. These include how the property is marketed to ensure that the seller`s property is not promoted on portals on which they have not been agreed to.