Thank you to everyone who attended IL-CHEP’s first conference! You can find more information about it below. We’ll be posting photos from the event soon.

The Convening on Higher Education in Illinois Prisons is a two-day conference hosted by IL-CHEP to provide a space for dialogue in support of higher education in prison in Illinois.

The goals of this convening are to:

  1. educate attendees on the status of higher education in Illinois prisons,
  2. share successful strategies and practices employed by existing programs across the state (and nation), and
  3. identify ways to support and grow individual programs and expand access to quality higher education to currently and formerly incarcerated people across Illinois.

Dates: Monday & Tuesday, October 28 & 29, 2019
Location: State House Inn, 101 E Adams St, Springfield, IL
Attendees: Current college-in-prison instructors and administrators, formerly incarcerated students and program alumni, currently enrolled incarcerated students in Illinois, individuals from institutions of higher education interested in bringing higher education into prisons, state legislators, and others in Illinois involved with prison programming, criminal justice, reentry, and allied concerns.
Registration: You can register here.
Room Reservations: Call the State House Inn directly at (217)528-5100.

Conference Subject Areas

What is the status of higher education in Illinois prisons?

How are these programs funded?

What pedagogies are most effective in prison classrooms?

What goals do these programs have and how do they evaluate their outcomes?

What challenges do these programs face?

What challenges do students in the programs face?

What does it take to start a new prison education program?

What about after the students are released?

Our call for proposals can be found here.

If you would like to attend or participate in the conference, you must register here. The registration deadline is October 20.

The deadline to apply for financial aid to attend the conference is this Friday, October 4! You must register by then if you wish to be considered.

Please consider joining us for a single session or all two days!
Conference program coming soon. Check back regularly for updates.